The Liberated Traveller

This time quite intentionally I left my camera behind as I went on vacation.

If it sounds scary to you let me tell you that I almost had a nervous breakdown whilst making the decision.

I’m usually the person walking around my hotel or the places I go to with a tripod in my backpack and knocking into people ever so often and apologising profusely. I usually sneak onto the hotel rooftops to capture glorious sunrises or stand and click time lapses on bridges, not a very nice citizen to be honest. I’ve made countless strangers walk about in front of me, trying to capture the perfect light. I’ve asked for 5-6 candles on my tables whilst on a candle light dinner.

People have often made it very clear to me that I’m a nuisance yet I still carry on, determined as ever.

This time it was a cumbersome family-get-together-and-travel thing. Every member of my rather large family made it a point to tell me as to how a “Photographer” is incomplete without a camera. I kid you not, actual hand quotes were shown to me by some of my cheekier young cousins.

Difficult family issues aside I was driving one of the cars hence I had something to do plus the driver gets to choose the music, so some things were working out in my favour.

Once we reached and the paperwork was handled the scramble for the rooms began. Without the camera I couldn’t throw my weight around and get the room with the best view, my evil cousins gave me a room that just overlooked the face of a mountain, no view at all, zilch. They also made sure I got the only room without a balcony so my dreams of enjoying my morning coffee and smoke went down the drain too.

The swimming pool seemed the best sanctuary to me and so I went to it as fast as I could but more ill-fate shined upon me. As it turns out they could not serve me alcohol poolside in this particular pool, I had to shift to the other pool which had a bar. At that point I just gave up and went to have lunch.

Later that evening as I was walking around the hotel property with my brother, a really cute girl asked me if I could take a picture of her and her friend. I quite politely told her that I’m quite bad with cameras and that my brother would do a much better job of it. So my brother took their picture. After which I started talking to them and my brother shyly went back to his room. After talking for a while about India (They were both from Germany) one of them finally asked me what I did for a living and me being the nutcase replied that I am a Photographer. Instantly I realised how deeply I had messed up once again, so 5 minutes after that moment of truth they made excuses and left. I once again went to eat.

So to sum up the entire experience it was not really beneficial for me to travel without a camera, at least in this instance. I thought that I’d get a chance to have long conversations and what not but I guess luck was not on my side. However don’t let this deter you from trying out a camera-less holiday.

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