Stockholm : Venice of the North

The beautiful view of the Stockholm archipelago had become a common sight, long before my cruise had pulled into the port of Stockholm. After a rather eventful night on the cruise, with conversations, much alcohol and some beautiful company, all I wanted to do was sleep for a few more hours that morning. Sadly the extremely loud horn of the ship woke me up before I had a chance to protest.

The sky being overcast added a little air of mystery to the Scandic landscape and so did the early morning fog. A freak spell of cold and rain had drifted into scandinavia exactly on the day I had landed in Helsinki. I could see random hillocks with houses appear from within the fog and disappear just as suddenly. 

Soon we docked at the port and there I was, the land of the awesome internet. I kid you not when I say, everything had internet, from the buses to the public toilets. My Instagram addictions were tingling and I knew I was going to post a bunch of photographs.

First of all I had to get all the touristy spots cleared out of my schedule and only then I could wander off, that is truly the proper way to see a city. So I made a few quick stops at the Drottningholm Palace, The Vasa Museum and The Noble Museum in Gamla Stan, the old city of Stockholm. The Pedestrian street near Gamla Stan is lined with many different shops, if you want to buy a few small trinkets and souvenirs to gift people back home, I suggest you do it here. Even though I wanted to go island hopping through the Stockholm Archipaelago today, walking down the entire length of Pedestrian street had tired me out totally. So I bought a few things and headed for early dinner.

After a spot of dinner at Restaurang Kaffegillet near Gamla, which by the way serves the best Apple Pie that I’ve had in a long time, I headed to my my hotel for some shut eye.

The next morning I headed to the Skansen Open Air Zoo before anything else so that I could see the entirety of it without getting tired. Alas the Zoo was so big that halfway through it my feet started hurting, also contributing was the injury I gained when my ankle twisted last evening.

I was just heading to buy a coffee when a spell of heavy rain started and I got caught in it. Soaking wet and tired I somehow found my way back to the exit and headed for lunch.

After lunch I took an all day pass for Stockholm’s Public Transportation System and headed out towards the Ericsson Globe. The Globe is somewhat like the ferris wheel style observation decks except that here the gondola actually goes around the side of the building. However I inquired at the booking counter to find out that the ride requires an online booking to be done 24 hours before. I tried to buy off someone else’s ticket but no one was willing, dejected I headed back to the Metro and once again headed to Gamla Stan, this time to take a ferry and go island hopping.

The ferry took me from Gamla Stan to Djurgarden which is almost like a theme park on a pier, once again sadly I did not have enough time to go on the rides. Hence I took a tram to the central station, headed once again to Gamla Stan and then headed home. I had a flight to Bergen the next morning so it was time to say goodbye to Stockholm. 

I would also like to say that this wandering trip of mine would not have been possible without Nokia Maps, it worms like a charm and its no data connection required feature is amazing.

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