A Long Way Home


I just realised that I had almost abandoned this blog. Indeed I have not written in it for long, since it was essentially a travel blog and I haven’t left home for a while. It is a bit difficult to travel when you’re slugging it out to make a career for yourself. I have oft opened ticketing website and checked out availabilities for trains and planes but I closed it halfway to payment.

Its a rather precarious living being an artist trying to make it unsupported, an entrepreneur trying to challenge the limits of establishment. Every time a client makes a payment you face the exact same turmoil, Do I pay my bills? Do I invest it into my business? or Do I travel?

Neither one of those is a bad choice and neither one of those is easy. It is as if each day exists to test your decision making skills, to test your resolve to just let go. Like great individuals before us have, we must persevere, we must not let the World take us down.

I never quite told anyone why this blog is called ‘A Long Way Home’. I think I am ready to do so now.

Home has never been a constant entity for me. I have been shifting from one home to another for as long as I can remember. Hence I have severe attachment issues when it comes to homes. I never quite fancy giving up one, I guess no one does. Yes?

However the one benefit of all this shifting is that I can most always fall asleep anywhere, I just need a raised platform for my head. It becomes easy for me to wake up 3000 kilometres away, in a strange room, filled with people I do not know and yet be able to call it my home.

As I believe the only home that will be final for me would be where I die. Home is a very final term for me, and hence it is easy for me to associate it with something that has more poetic finality than anything else, Death. Therefore a ‘A Long Way Home’ essentially means that I believe that I have a long way to go before I become together with Death, in an act of Singularity.

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