I landed amidst dark rain laden clouds, the aircraft free falling every few seconds, the engines whirring loudly due to the air currents and the wings tipping ever so lightly in either direction. The landing however was perfect calculating in every other factor and so there I was, in Helsinki. I had stupidly forgotten to take out a jacket and there I was, standing at the Helsinki airport in 4 degrees waiting for my ride to the hotel, insanely cold drops of rain hitting my face.

I was at the heart of Helsinki and yet there was almost no traffic to be seen, people were busy running, cycling, walking and the public transport system was almost impeccable. I even had a tough little smoking as the little time my hands were exposed to the weather were enough to almost freeze them. After soaking in the beauty of Helsinki, without any sign of nightfall, I had a little dinner and went to sleep to shake off my tiredness.

The thing about Helsinki is that the people here are as beautiful as the city, everyone talks to you, its easy to make friends and idle your time by eating amazing food at the local markets. I did a bit of sightseeing and then went off to the farmer’s market near Helsinki Cathedral to relax with some coffee, crepes and reindeer sausages. Helsinki is definately the place to visit for some amazing grub and buying amazing world fashion. I dropped by the Sibelius Monument and Kaivopuisto, which I recommend to all. Even though it has an intriguing name it is just a very pretty park where you can sit all day on a nice sunny day and people watch, however when I went to the park it was all gloomy, dreary and raining. Alas I could only spend one day in Helsinki as later that evening I had to catch an overnight cruise to Stockholm and so my sightseeing but limited but wholesome, I did not have to see the more touristy things.







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