That Dresden Girl

Midway through my half a month travel trip through Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, I find myself in Dresden, Germany. While travelling through the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, just before the room with a big glass dome, I came across a very big hall sort of a place which had a road running though. There was a big assortment of different street performers setting up their instruments and collections boxes on the sidewalk. Then i heard this amazing voice, almost angelic, singing a haunting gospel hymn. I instantly had goosebumps all over, her voice moved me. I walked towards the voice and came face to face with a girl in a long black dress with a blue hymn book in her hands. I sat down in front of her and creepily watched her sing for almost 20 minutes. She knew I was sitting there, looking only at her and she looked back at me as if she was singing just for me. Sadly It was just then that someone called for me and I had to leave, I should have asked her name or something but I was too lost in her voice. I got up, emptied the entire contents of my pocket in her collection box and looked at her. She gave me the most amazing smile in the world and I almost in a trance ran back to my people.

I have been thinking about her ever since, that dresden girl.



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